Empowering Women Everywhere



Copyright 2015

Nan Gill-Wilson

Every day, everywhere, we are bombarded with news and most of it about the horrors happening across the globe. On line, on radio, in blogs, on television we are constantly reminded of crimes of humanity against humanity.

While being aware of the dangers surrounding us is a necessary thing, so often the good that people do in service to one another is largely ignored. There are many service organizations, 501c3 and not-for profit that spend all their funds in support of the cause they are serving, only to be underserved themselves.

“Empowering Women Everywhere” creates a platform to shed light on the individuals and the organizations that are making a positive difference to the planet.

Whether it be a camp program for underserved youth most in need of a demonstration of the possibility of another way to live or whether it be an organization assisting members of abusive family situations to begin again in a positive safe environment, these organizations are so involved in serving their community that most if not all of their resources go to the causes that they support.

How can they even get the word out about the services they offer or how can they become known to those who want to work with them to support their work.

A weekly television show spotlighting the organization, describing their services and voicing their concerns and requirements could be instrumental in allowing these organizations to extend their reach into the community they serve and further to the greater community of those who would like to join their efforts.

“Empowering Women Everywhere” is a half-hour television talk show highlighting one organization each week. Questions about the organization and their services will be asked and a short clip of some of their work will be shown. Contact information for those who require their services and those who wish to assist will be given.